Suono Rosso (Antonio Vitolo)

The option of traveling to a Giovanni Mangiacapra intent peremptory that respects the color spectrum does not yield the chromaticity diagram of modern color wheel, where the straight line that marks the bottom edge does not reproduce the continuum of red and violet, reached with colors not part of the spectrum. Neither vermilion, crimson, nor, nor, on the other hand, the Goethe dichotomy Red-green take center stage. Whether it flows from the canyon, traits that echo the premonitions of Kandinsky, or semiellisse, which appears to rest in a boomerang Tropic of Cancer, the red triumphs in its true nature as inhabited by energy carrier frequencies.

From Goethe, Jung focuses on theoretical reflections on the essence of the psyche, 1947-1954, on the red, index of spirituality (the red dye, the carbunculus), blood, emotion, dell'instinto. However, if the instinct dwells in the red, the image instinctual, according to Jung, tends to the purple band of the chromatic scale. And, ultimately, the earth would Infrared instinct, the ultraviolet image instinctual. Mangiacapra finally gives us a puzzle: feeling, emotion, need the blue "spiritual" (unknown), to produce the purple (the color in the spectrum of it), the numinous archetypal demonic charm of the archaic dyad of opposites. Showed the red instinct, the image tends to purple in the opposite way to organic. And this is already configured in the paintings, projections facing eyes that watch projecting up introjection silent.