He began his artistic career in the 70s, with an exhibition organized by the Don Gnocchi center of Parma, where he received interest in the landscapes painted with tempera on paper and plywood, with this first participation into the world of art.

In art Informal expressed the same idea of liberation from matter in its desire and lacerations vibrates the tension of a metamorphosis of matter itself, in its perpetual becoming.

In the first phase of the artistic work the figurative aspect is dominant, only to be replaced by testing of materials and colors. Little influenced by the various artistic tendencies with which it comes into contact, to provide an interpretation of the informal staff.

His language is hectic and leads to a meaningful world that is emerging and that predisposes to a message in ecological sense, dealing with the imbalanced relationship between Man and Nature. This theme dealt with in different forms and solutions, builds always that thread of dialogue infinite. His canvases are taking "Body" in a practical significance that grows slowly and tenaciously according to a new intensity and a new color of life. A search always supported by a strict and severe "spirituality" to which they are subjected to careful scrutiny color thickness of the material.

"Today we are at war with the colors and the fight is fierce: it is one of us win."

Boldness of the sudden light and the radical transformations of the objects of reality are translated into a "natural exhausted" then. His painting is not closed in a world that looks to itself but is reflected in an endless dialogue, through his works.

Currently, its membership is continuous and constant in both collective and personal exhibitions, always achieving personal recognition by critics and audiences, their works are in private and public collections.